Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Yummy Weekend

I have to say, the best thing about this weekend was that I did absolutely NO COOKING!  You heard right...none.  You're probably wondering how I pulled it off.  It just so happens I have my own vegan chef.  He's a little shy and doesn't like his picture taken, but I pulled off a few shots on the sneak...

If he looks familiar to you, you are probably correct.  This is my husband Kevin.  

I had a not so great day on Friday, and was dreading the thought of having to come home and cook a two hour gumbo recipe.  I walked in around 5:30 to my husband placing vegan enchiladas in the oven.  Seriously, I might have almost cried.  I mean I REALLY didn't want to cook.  Luckily, Kevin loves to cook and took it upon himself to look up a vegan recipe from one of my books, Skinny Bitch in the Kitch.  I'll talk more about the "Skinny Bitch" books in another post, but for now...

Here they are...

The only vegan cheese he could find were soy slices, so they had to do. I loved the taste.  The kids weren't as crazy about it.  If you're a vegetable lover like I am, you'll love it.  If not, you might try another dish.

Not only did he prepare enchiladas, but he also found a recipe on Tom Thumb's website for vegan peanut butter fudge.  We melted vegan chocolate chips on top.  It was a perfect start to the weekend.

I limited myself to only one piece a day, as I am trying to lose some weight.  One piece is all you need.  It's so rich!

Saturday I had my normal oatmeal and banana combo.  I took the kids downtown to the Dallas World Aquarium.  I decided it was best to pack lunches.  I ate mixed nuts and a "cutie" orange, which I later found out was NOT enough.  By the time dinner rolled around, I was really grouchy.  I went with my aunt, cousin, and toddler daughter out to eat Thai food.  I needed to go to Whole Foods, and the store has a wonderful Thai place next to it.  The great thing about this restaurant is that they cater to vegans.  The food was deli-sh, and I didn't have to cook again.

Today, I had my usual breakfast, and then a veggie delight sub for lunch from Subway.  I researched and realized the vegan world has mixed feelings about whether or not the bread there is vegan.  I also learned honey isn't typically allowed in the vegan diet because it's made from bees.  I chose to ignore that and eat wheat bread.  I felt if was better for me than the safe Italian bread.  I would love to hear other people's opinions on the honey issue.  Are bee's animals?

Tonight was once again an extremely busy night for me with work to do, the house to clean, laundry, BLOGS, etc.  Chef Kevin got things cooking again with a vegan recipe for okra gumbo with chickpeas and kidney beans from Post Punk Kitchen.  It was flavorful, but not our favorite.  Once again the adults ate it, but the kids not so much.

Well, I'm off to grade papers and write plans for a fun week of  Dr. Seuss in first grade.  Until next time, eat healthy!!!


  1. Okay, I must try the Okra Gumbo. Yum!

    1. If you like okra you'll love it. I'm an okra fan. We used frozen okra as I couldn't find it fresh anywhere.