Wednesday, March 28, 2012

To juice or not to juice?

While reading up and watching documentaries about health, I came across some info about juicing.  We bought a juicer a few years back...probably after I watched an Oprah special or something of the sort.

You can find this lovely model on

Juicing sounds like a GREAT idea.  Just think, you're eating everything fresh and raw, which is best for you.  So, on Sunday I dusted off the ole juicer and gave it a try.  My first juice was SUPER yummy.  I used some of pretty much every fruit I had.  I threw in strawberries, kiwi, bananas, and a couple of pears.  I cranked that baby up and out came some of the yummiest juice I've ever tasted.  My teenager enjoyed some as well.  Toddler Girl carried it around, but I think it was a little too powerful for her.  My husband told me later that you're not supposed to put bananas and strawberries in the juicer.  I'll know next time!

This experience led me to a bold move...a little too bold.  I saw on a friend's blog that her husband drank a green juice made of (I think) bell peppers, cilantro, pears, and celery.  I'm not sure what the actual recipe was, but I just kind of threw it all in.  The result...yikes!!!  I decided I had to drink it.  I can't be outdone by a fellow healthy eater.  I took two sips and literally gagged.  This is a girl that loves her veggies, so you know it was bad.  I got a straw and held my nose.  I drank a healthy dose and called it quits.  My stomach felt a little nauseous, kind of like the feeling taking a mulit-vitamin with morning sickness.  I do have to say that after an hour or so I felt REALLY GOOD.  I would compare it to the feeling of a good cup of morning coffee.  The moral to this juicing story is....start off slow and follow a recipe!

Just in case you're interested, a great documentary for juicing is Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.


Night all!  Be healthy!