Sunday, March 25, 2012

Why a vegan diet?

Through my past few weeks of this diet adventure, I've been asked MANY times why I'm giving up ALL animal products.  They understand perhaps meat, but why dairy?  It's so hard to explain to meat and dairy loving folks how bad it actually is for your body.  To help me out, I've turned to a few documentaries.  My favorite so far to support eating a vegan diet was "Forks Over Knives".  Check out the trailer for yourself. 

 It showed people nearly dead because of heart disease that drastically changed their eating to a plant based diet and are now alive and thriving.  The most awesome thing is, most are off all prescriptions!  Just think, from in the hospital and almost dead to at home walking, happy, and on no medication.  Yes, this diet was an extreme change of life for these people, but they are alive to tell about it.  It also compared different regions of our world to show the differences in heart disease and cancer in areas where dairy and high amounts of meat are consumed.  America, we're not doing so hot.  So many people depend on medication to keep them living their unhealthy lives from day to day.  Trust me, I understand why.  Our society and socialization revolves around food.  In Texas, we eat burgers, steak, Mexican food, etc.  It's almost impossible to foresee a life without it.  I felt this way as well, until  I watched this movie.  I'm not yet saying whether or not a total vegan lifestyle will be in effect come Easter day (the end of lent).  My husband is voting definitely not.  (Ha!Ha!)  I think everyone does need to research it for themselves and do what's best for their families.  What I do hope everyone remembers is something I sang a song about in fourth grade...

You are what you eat!

Until next healthy!!!


  1. Great post! James went vegan for the first 9 weeks after his diabetes diagnosis, and we have been eating a mostly plant-based diet since then, with meat about once a week. James is living proof that this does work. Scary high cholesterol was normal within that nine weeks, high blood pressure now normal, diabetes controlled with diet. All things his doctor said was "impossible through diet and exercise alone." It is possible!

  2. I remember reading about that in your blog. I tried to "go vegan" before becoming pregnant with my daughter. It was too hard to maintain while pregnant. I did, however, never eat beef or pork again. My little girl has never had it either. I'm hoping to stay on a mainly plant based diet after lent. I might sneak the occasional cheese enchilada ;)